A general admission event is an event where your attendee has a ticket(s) for the event that is not a reserved seating event. The attendee does not get to select the seat or the location when purchasing or attending the event. Here is how to make a general admission event in SimpleTix

  1. Please visit here if you do not have a SimpleTix account: https://www.simpletix.com/ 
  2. Exisitng customers can login here: https://manager.simpletix.com/ 
  3. You can create a new SimpleTix account here:
  4.  Click on "Create Event"

Fill in all of the details
1. Enter your event name

2. Select event category

3. Choose or create a new venue
4. Event description can be added here
5. Event image can be added here. (Suggested size is 750x472px)

  1. Please make sure to not select reserved seating as an option

  2. Click here for an event with multiple days/times

  3. You can setup multi day/time event here: We will do weekly as a test

  4. You can also create multiple times per day (Please note: Starting and ending date range will not allow more than 3 months)

  5. Now you can create general admission tickets