This is a brand new feature released in February 2020.

While creating questions per event, you can choose that ticket type the question applies to.

In this KB article, we will show you how to set this up and also how to download the attendee list with the answers.

Step 1: Click your event, then click Attendee Questions

Steps 2-3: Create a question

Step 4: Go to settings.

Step 5: Turn off "Ask for all ticket types" If you want to ask this for all types, leave this switch ON, and you are done now.

Step 6: Select which specific ticket types you would like to ask this for. 


So we will now ask this question for only these ticket types you have specified.

Just like other questions, you can view the answers in 2 places:

1. Attendee Manager > Export List

Enter your email in, when you get the email, open the spreadsheet:

2. If you view any order, click the 2nd tab: Order Form Questions.

Here you will see the answers. (By April 2020, we will allow you to edit the answers here too)