If a client contacts you and says that they do not have their e-ticket, or if you have chosen to manually send e-tickets to clients who have utilized offline credit card or pay-by-invoice payment options, it is possible to push the e-tickets to the clients via the Box Office.

  1. Go to Box Office> Order Lookup (for more information about this, see Look Up Orders in the Box Office)
  2. Find the order of the client and click on the order ID number
  3. From the Order Summary page that appears, click the link 'Send eTickets' in the menu below the billing information box

  4. A pop up window will appear whee you can edit the email address in necessary and also CC: your own address if you want to make sure the tickets deliver, or any other relevant address.
  5. Click Send eTickets

We strongly suggest setting up a BCC email address for all eTickets to be sent to so that you can verify if a customer has received the email with the tickets by looking at this account.  To learn about setting up email accounts, see article Email Address Settings.