SimpleTix offers a membership component. There's a few different ways SimpleTix site owners use this.

  1. Sell Memberships directly on their site where customers pay online
  2. Customers import members from Blackbaud from a CSV export
  3. Customers import members from church membership management systems from a CSV export

Membership Features Benefits:

  1. General Admission and Flex Pass events: You can set specific membership tiers to get discounts on tickets.
    1. This is often used by churches, synagogues, and muesums
  2. Reserved Seat Mode events: Grant access to only members to get early access on future tickets.
    1. This is used by resorts when they would like to give priority bookings for summer boat slips

Step 1: Setup

Go to Settings & Options Settings Plugins. Then click SimpleTix plugins and select membership. Click to enable it.

To add a new membership, go to Manage Memberships


How to grant discounts?

General Admission Events

Go to the event time for the event. You will now see an option to manage membership discounts:

Here's a few examples for a $35 ticket.

  1. You want to let members get 1 free ticket, and all additional tickets are $25.00
  2. If you want to sell all tickets for $15 to members, just put in $20 into both discount boxes
  3. If you want all ticket beyond the first allotment to be full price, simply enter in $0 off in the last box.

Flex Pass Events

  1. Go the the manage Flex Passes & Tours tab. Then under Membership Discounts, select Manage.
  2. Similar to the steps above you can set how many tickets they get at their 1st special price, and how many tickets are beyond that price.

For both GA and Flex Pass Events

Is you ever want to hide a price tier to non-members, click here:

Often client hide the membership price tier when they do not want the public to see that members get a discount, or they do not want to confuse non-members.