You can now transfer your data from SimpleTix (New orders or Attendees) to any app listed on Zapier. Please follow these steps

  • Register your account on and search for SimpleTix
  • Once complete make a new Zap and search for SimpleTix
  • You can now choose what data you would like to transfer from SimpleTix
    1. Either transfer new order data (Does not contact data for all attendees)
    2. Transfer data for all attendee. Example, I can buy 3 tickets for myself, John and Garry. Now data for all 3 would be transferred

  • Select existing account or add new account

  • For adding new account, you would need SimpleTix API key which can be found under
    Settings > Zapier > Copy Api Key

  • You can now click on TEST & CONTINUE
    The Connection Between SimpleTix and Zapier is Complete