There might be a need where you need to add tickets scanned using Simpletix Ticket Scanning app directly to Google Sheets. This would be useful to collect live data at the time of event.

Register your account on and search for SimpleTix.

  • Select Webhook as Trigger

  • Select "Catch Hook"

  • Skip this option by clicking on "Continue" These are used as advanced option when collecting data

  • Now Copy this Webhook URL and past in advanced options of SimpleTix app(Show below). Pro Tip: You can send this URL as email to yourself so you can copy and paste on your mobile device.

  • Here is an example of Ticket Validation URL above. Click on "Show Advanced Options" in case you don't see all options.

  • Now Create a Google Sheet (Your Desired Account). You also need to setup First Row with what all data you need to collect. This will be used later

  • Scan an existing (Create a free order) and once scanned by using Simpletix mobile app, Test Webhook by Zapier should automatically Give Test Successfully.

  • We are going to create a new Row for each ticket scanned by SimpleTix Mobile App. Select "Create Spreadsheet Row"

  • Connect your Google Sheet (Same account in which Google Sheet was created earlier).

  • Test the sheet to confirm if it is working.

  • You need to Select "Spreadsheet - Which is the name of sheet we created"
  • Worksheet which is Sheet that you want the row to be added on
  • All additional details that you would like to record. 

(Notice the fields we added on First Row are the one we need to select option here eg: Participant Name, Event Name, Ticket)

  • Click on "Continue" and Zapier will send test details to sheet. 

  • If Test is successful then remember to Switch this Zap on by click on "Toggel" button.

  • As a test, every ticket scanned gets their details added to Google Sheet. This happens real times so you don't have to refresh the page. Data appears automatically.