With SimpleTix, we provide an option for you to either freeze or unfreeze seats in your reserved seating event. Here are the steps on how to do it.

  1. Please login here for manager panel of your site: https://manager.simpletix.com/

  2. You can then click on Events on top right of your screen. This will give you list of all available events. Choose the event  you would like to freeze the seats for.
  3. Once selected. Click on Events Times on left hand side.

  4. Select the event time you would like to freeze  the seats for. If you have multiple event times then you would have to do it for all times individually.

  5. You now will find the option to mark seats on hold.

  6. You can select the seats that now can be either frozen or unfrozen from their current state.

    IMPORTANT: Please note the message on top right. "10 Saves remaining until 7Pm"
    We provided limited number of switches in a day. (10 per day). This is done for security reasons so it is highly suggested that you should first select all the seats  before freezing or unfreezing them. Please do not try to switch the seats one by one as there are limited number off(10) switches available.