Disqus is a global comment system that improves discussion on websites and connects conversations across the web.
Your Simpletix Site can integrate with Disqus to display article comments below your articles.
This is a feature that you can turn off/on per article or site wide.

Step 1

First Setup an account at Disqus:
When signing up remember your "Site Shortname"
This is the value that you need to enter on the Simpletix site for the value of DisqusForumName.

Step 2

Log into the administration panel of your site
Go to Store Information > Store Settings > External API Settings
You will find a field entitled Disqus Forum Name on the list.
Enter your Site Shortname precisely in the field gven and click the 'Register your site' link
Click Save and Update to verify all changes.

Step 3

Create new blog articles, or update existing articles and be sure have the "Allow Comments" check-marked for all articles you wish to enable comments for.  Remember that with all discussion forums, some monitoring of the comments posted may be necessary.  To learn more about writing news articles, see article: Write Blog/News Articles.


At this point the Disqus view and add comments box will appear below each article with the "Allow Comments" field checked.