If you have an existing Squarespace website for your event, but want to use SimpleTix to sell your tickets, we have you covered!

You can add a "Buy Tickets Now" button anywhere on your existing website.  To do so, follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to both your SimpleTix and Squarespace accounts.
  • Create your even in your SimpleTix Admin Panel.
  • Go to your event that you would like to add to your current SquareSpace site by going to Manage > Events > Click on event title
  • After selecting the event you want to sell tickets to, click Times & Ticket Prices > Get Ticket Button for this code.
  • Copy and Paste the given code before the </head> tag on your website, as well as exactly where you would like the Ticket Window button to be displayed.
  • To access the HTML editor on SquareSpace, access the Code Block editor on your site through a blog post(http://help.squarespace.com/guides/using-the-code-block)
  • Open a page or post editor.
  1. Click an Insert Point or the +.
  2. Select Code from the menu.

Your final SquareSpace site will look like this: