Note: We recommend using our iOS and Android apps instead of the web page scanning option below.

If you are online at the point of ticket validation, validating tickets via the box office is easy.

Log into the Box Office area or access it through the link on the bottom menu of the Admin Panel area.

Box Office> Attendee Check-In

1.  Select the Event which you would like to admit tickets for, otherwise, tickets to all events may be admitted.

2. Make Sure the Option is set to "Admit."  "Un-Admit" is used if you wish to unadmit a ticket so that it is admittable again, if someone is leaving and will need to get back in, it is important to Un-Admit the ticket when the participant is leaving.

3.  Scan the ticket using a Bar Code Scanner, or manually enter the bar code number (NOT the Order Number) found above the barcode:

3.  Click the Submit Button

A new chart appears with all parameters associated with the order, and the ticket is verified as admitted.

If the ticket is invalid or has already been admitted (i.e. a copy of the same ticket), an error message with appear: "Alert! This ticket has ALREADY been marked Admitted!" or "Ticket Not Found"

There are sounds that will also indicate if the tickets are good or if there is a problem with the ticket you are admitting.