Do you have an event where you need ticket buyers to upload a photo for verification?

If you run an event or have a ticket type where you need someone to upload a verification photo, after purchasing a ticket. This video if for you

Here are some cases where you may want to use this new feature

  • Someone orders a student-only ticket type- and you want them to upload a photo of their student ID card 

  • This is ideal for both student events like dances and also alumni events where you want proof that the attendee actually went to your school

  • Or do you have an event where you want all attendee to upload their covid vaccination card?

Let us show you how to set this up

  • After creating an event, go to Attendee Questions and  turn on attendee questions

  • Require: Name and Email

  • Check: Custom questions

  • Create a custom question, e.g. “Please upload your COVID vaccination card as proof of vaccination.”

  • Now click Settings to expand more options.

  • Set the response type as an Image/Photo Upload

  • And Save

  • Optional - but we recommend going to the Settings (from the top menu bar), Click Store, and make sure your Logo is set. (This will later appear on the photo/image upload request emails)

All set!

After someone completes an order, they will get this email.

After they click the button, they will taken to a simple page to upload their photo.

You can customize the text on the top and bottom of this page.

If you would to have a fully customized email, we can do it. Just put the content into a Google Doc, send it to us and we will update your email template. Below is an example.