Overview of the user management system on your SimpleTix site. We've designed the new version of SimpleTix so that one user account can belong to multiple sites. To add someone to your site you will send them a invitation from the User Management interface.

  1. In the Manager panel, go to Settings & Options > Users > Add User

  2. Here's enter in their email address and select a role.
  3. This will email them an invitation to their email account/
  4. Once they open this email they can fill out their details and create an account on your site.

How to change a user's role

  1. In the Manager panel, go to Settings & Options > Users >
  2. Click on the role of user which you want to update.
  3. Select the new role of the user.
  4. Click on 'update' to update role.

How to delete a user

To delete a user simply click the "Delete" button. This will remove all their privileges on your site. If they have any roles & privileges on another SimpleTix site, they will not be effected.

Notes about the site’s “Owner”

The site owner is account that can never be deleted or have it's role changed. Only this user can access the site's subscription and billing settings.

What about temporary day of the event ticket takers?

If you have staff that are working as ticket scanners, you can assign them the role of: "Check-in Only" They way they can scan and admit tickets without gaining access to sensitive data like your sales reports.

How to add a general user account?

You can create 1 user account that all your staff can use, however you will still need to follow the "invite" workflow of:

Clicking create user

Entering in an email account with they can access

Selecting the right role

Click save

Then go to the email account, open the email, click the invite link (You'll want to either log-out first, or open the link in incognito/private mode to prevent any cookie issues)

Then complete the invitation form to create the account

You can then share this account's user name and password with other team members

Note: We do not recommend this approach, as if you need to terminate one team member it's harder to reset the password, than simply deleting that person account.