Invoicing option is useful when you would like to let your customer purchase a ticket but pay later. You can do this SimpleTix using A 3rd party tool available on Zapier.

We recommend charging atleast 15% of total ticket price as it makes sure that customer would pay rest of the amount. We have seen where customer ordered tickets Pay By Invoice but never paid so those tickets were locked out for at least a week causing a loss.

You can follow these steps to setup Pay by invoice

  • Please login here: 
  • One done, select the event you would like to create with Invoice options > Event Times (Select time if there are multiple)
  • You can now create two ticket types.
    1: Full price ticket
    2: Invoice Ticket with 15% of the full price ticket
  • Same this event



    You would now need to have or create an account on Zapier
    You can use any of the existing tools available on Zapier to send an invoice to your customer. Here is how to do it.

  • You can now connect any invoice app from here.