If you have a tradeshow, college fair, car show, or any type of event where you have different vendors on the floor - you will love this, FREE, feature.

The vendors can scan any attendee's ticket to capture their details and have it sent to them via email.

Note: SimpleTix does not provide any statics on the usage. e.g. tracking which vendor scanned the most attendees.

This is a basic and simple feature that we are offering for free.

Just 2 simple steps...

  1. Have the vendor/sponsor scan the code below, it will install the Shortcut on their iPhone/iPad
    Sorry, at this time, we do not support Android


  2. The first time they scan an eTicket's QR code, it will ask for their email address

That's it. Going forward, each time they scan  an eTicket's QR code it will email them the attendee's details: name, email, and phone number.