This article applies to just events that are ticketing by reserved seat.

Here's a case where the seating chart displays at 400px fine - however the link to the full view pop-up is broken:



As you can see here the link points to the 600px wide version of the image. You can tell this by looking at the image folder url, 600 means 600px wide version. However the image is broken. This is most likely because the original image uploaded was small than 600px wide.

This is how we can confirm that...
If we remove the width/size folder (in this case its "600/" from the url we can view the original (full size) image uploaded by the webmaster.
Load that url then right click on the original image and view it's properties now you can see the actual image size...



As we can see here is 575px wide. This is the reason why a 600px version of the image does not appear.

There's a few ways to fix this:
1) Upload a new seating chart image that is AT LEAST 600px wide
2) Change the seating chart size to a smaller existing size
3) Or create a new image size for "575" and then change the seating chart size to a 575

In this case let's just change the seating chart size to a smaller existing size.
We will go to:

  1. Admin panel
  2. Manage Events
  3. Manage Event Times
  4. Update this Event Time
  5. Locate the list box for "Size of seating chart image that is linked to" and change it to anything 575 or lower.


    In this case we will select 550 and click save.

    At this point when the user click the seating chart image to expand it, then now see the 550px wide version.