If you have an Express SimpleTix plan, you may not have accessibility to the Image Manager to add and adjust images onto your CMS Pages, Event Descriptions and News Articles,

However, it is still possible to add images via the HTML tab, by linking an image that is already online somewhere or already hosted on your SimpleTix site.

For Example, you have a news article and would like the icon to show up in the article as well.

1.  Go to the news article (Manage> Articles) and edit an existing News Article.
2.  Right click the Image which was uploaded as the icon for the news item:   

3.  Paste (Ctrl +V) the image into the WYSIWYG editor.  It will now appear small, the same size as the icon above.  
4.  Select the HTML tab at the bottom of the content editor:

5.  Now you can edit the URL to reflect the size of image you wish it to display as, there are two options:  

      A.   Delete the part of the URL which defines the size of the image (for example, 90).  This will cause the image to display as the size you originally uploaded. This is a good solution if the image you originally uploaded is less than 600 px wide.  If the image you uploaded is larger, or if you'd like for it to display smaller, you'll need to go with option B:

      B.   The image is only uploaded in specific sizes, to discover these sizes, go to the Image Manager (Settings & Options > Theme & Images > Manage Images or ~/AdminPanel/Settings/Theme/ManageImages.aspx).  

In the Image Manager, expand the 'news' folder to see a list of all sizes created.

If you'd like to get the URL of a specific image (instead of editing the URL size yourself directly), it is possible to get it by double clicking the image to get a preview, right clicking and selecting Copy Image URL (as in step 2).

4.  Go back to the Design window (WYSIWYG editor) and you will see that the image is now the size determined.  If there is a problem with the size you picked in the previous step, it will show up as a broken image and need to be tweaked until it displays correctly.  


This works for images already uploaded to your SimpleTix site via News articles, Event pages, etc.  You can add more images to event pages by following this article as well.

Of course, you may utilize any images uploaded to any site by changing the different URLs, so if you want to use another image you have rights to on picasa or flickr, etc, it is possible.


Note: If you'd like to have a smaller image that links to the original size image that you uploaded in a new tab, use a code following this example:


<a href="http://sarah.simpletix.com/images/00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000/news/Andrew%20Bova4.jpg">
<img src="http://sarah.simpletix.com/images/00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000/news/240/Andrew%20Bova4.jpg"/>


Notice that href= does not contain the size of the image, but src= does contain the size of the image.