If you'd like to add audio to your CMS pages, event descriptions or other text areas, it may be possible to upload these files directly to SimpleTix via the media manager.  However, if you'd like a player inserted into the site for easy playback, you may want to use one of these free options for uploading music files and embedding the player onto your SimpleTix site.  Of course you should make sure you have permission to use the audio file on your site before uploading it!


1.  http://yourlisten.com 
- wasn't able to get rid of large space between text and player
- if you don't get the information regarding the upload right, they make you upload it again (I kept putting commas between the tags and getting the error message 'invalid characters in tags' - took me a few tries before I figured out what they meant!
+ player looks nice

2.  http://soundcloud.com 
+ very easy to use - very fast. 
- This was the default iframe display.  You may be able to get rid of the images to the right.

3. http://www.mixcloud.com
+ also quite easy to use
- default player is huge, but you may be able to change the settings

Pipam by Sarahwatkins on Mixcloud