Your SimpleTix site is set to one default language, which the user can translate into different languages from the front end. The Default Language is the language which your site defaults to when it is opened and the language of your administration. The culture settings is a sub-setting of the language group which defines aspects such as date and time formatting and currency symbol.

To change your default language and culture; follow these steps:

  1. In Admin, go to Settings & Options > Settings > Other Settings> System.
  2. On the System Settings page, find the Environment section and change the Culture settings.
  3. Select the new Language/Culture you would like to set as the default language of your site; then select the Specific Culture (the sub-setting).
  4. Click Save Environment Settings.
  5. Now the default language of your administration and front end will be changed. The user can always change the language himself on the front end from the bottom menu of your site.

More Information about Language and Culture Settings:

To learn more about editing the language in a language pack to make a more precise translation for your site; see article:

If you would like for your site to appear in a few select languages specifically, you can contact us at for some development options.