This article outlines how to change the logo & advertisement banner that appears on eTickets (Layouts A, B and M) and how to edit the banner graphic.

We offer a handful of eTicket options, so you can optimize your customization!  You can add text at the top of the ticket, as well as a longer message near the bottom. To view eTicket settings:

Go to Settings & Options  > Settings > eTickets

Scroll down till you see the option called Images.  To change the image, simply click Change Image.

After you make the changes you want, your logo and/or banner images will now appear on any new eTickets.  If you would like for the new images to appear on existing orders, it is possible to do this by regenerating e-tickets.  

You can also set the  advertisement banner at the event level. This way tickets to different events can have different banners. (For example if you are running a film festival, and different companies were sponsoring different films, this would allow you to give each sponosr their own spotlight)

To set this upload the image on the update event - images tab.

New Feature!

You can also set the banner per price tier on general admission style events


Now if someone buys tickets for this specific event and price tier you will be this banner being used: