This article will outline the different Email Templates used by the SimpleTix system and when they are sent out.  To learn more about editing these templates, please see article: Editing Email Templates.
To learn more about what emails customers will receive, see also article What emails will the customer receive?

Email Templates are found in Store Information > Store Settings > Email> Templates.

ETicket.txt - the general email body which is sent along with the e-ticket attachment.

ETicketIndividual.txt- If a user purchases a ticket for another person and provides another email address for the other ticket/s during checkout; an email with the relevant e-ticket/s will be sent to the other email address/s with this email body.

ETicketMaster.txt- This is the email body which is sent to the purchaser which will include all e-tickets attached, regardless if copies were sent to other emails addresses or not.

ForgotPassword.txt- For returning customers with log in details for your site, this is the text of the email which sends them their password.  Note that you should not change the template tags, such as the <%UserName%> here.

InviteFriends.txt- users are given the opportunity to email contacts with the Invite Friends links on the front end.  This is the text which will appear in the emails sent from Users to other Users about events appearing on your site.

Invoice.txt- Invoice is the Order Confirmation email that is emailed to users before or at the same time as their e-ticket is sent to them. 

NewUser.txt- When a customer signs up for a user account on your site, this email will be sent to them.

OrderCanceled.txt- If, for some reason, a transaction doesn't go through and an order is canceled, this will be the email informing the customer of the canceled order status.

ProductsRemovedFromOrder.txt- If a complete order of products cannot be fulfilled, this email informing them that products have been removed from the order is sent.  This email is not used if you do not sell products on your SimpleTix site.

Receipt.txt- Receipt is an email sent out with every confirmed transaction (for tickets or products) and shows the customer an invoice view such as the example below:

TicketReservationExpirationAlert.txt- If the Payment Option Pay by Invoice is active, it is possible to hold off the sending of e-tickets until the payment is received.  There can be a cut off date for how long a business waits for the payment before the order expires.  When an order is about to expire, this email is sent to the user to remind them about the outstanding payment.

TicketsRemovedFromOrder.txt- When a ticket has been removed from an order, this email is sent to the user.