With SimpleTix, you now have access to Gift Certificates so that your customers can use it with your SimpleTix Store!


  1. To get started, go to Promote > Gift Certificates

  2. Click Add a new Gift Certificate

  3. Enter the Gift Certificate information:

    Code: this is the name of the gift certificate and is what the customers will type in to redeem the value.

    Enter Discount Amount: The value that will be subtracted from the total purchase.

    Code Validity:  There are two options you can do here.  One will allow the gift certificate to be valid for the entire pre-sale period.  The other option allows for the code to be applied only during a specific time period. The event's dates are irrelevant of this time period.  

    Code type and validity:  Always Valid means the gift certificate can be used as many times as possible.  "Can be used X times" means you can select a specific amount of times the gift certificate can be valid for.

    Code Category: You can group your gift certificates as needed here.

  4. Click save and your Gift Certificate is now Valid.