Using our 1-click RSVP feature?

If you are using a tool like Mailchimp, Contant Contact, or Active Campign you can create a special link to your site that include the contacts details.

You can include:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Email address

We recommend Active Campaign. They have the best deliverability rate. Here's how to do this in Active Campaign

Step 1: I recommend to select the most simple & basic template. (The emails that use a template with a lot of images may be flagged a promotional emails in gmail)


Step 2: When composting your email, create a register now link.

The link should go to the event details page, and include these 3 variables in the query string. &firstname=%FIRSTNAME%&lastname=%LASTNAME%&email=%EMAIL%

So the final URL will look like this:



Step 3: Send youself a test email

Step 4: Here's an example of how the email may appear, click on the register now link to test it.

See the RSVP form is now pre-filled with their first & last name, and email address. Now all the have to do is link the Submit RSVP button. Nothing else.

This is the most efficient way to handle event registration for a free event.