The ticketing mode: Flex Pass + customers select time  is ideal when you need the allow clients to schedule a activity like:

  • Shuttle bus pickup
  • Coaching session

It works really well for these type of situations. Just note there are a few drawbacks that might effect if it works for your situation:

  • You cannot limit the time slots - like: 9-5 or specific times, like: 9:30, 9:45, 10:00, etc
  • There is no inventory management for the maximum tickets you can sell for a single hour or date

It many cases the General Admission: Calendar First Selection mode is a better alternative if you need:

  • Specific time slots, like: 9:00, 9:30, 10:00, 10:30
  • To control the inventory per time slot, e.g. ensure that no time slot sell more than 20 tickets
  • The ability to charge a different ticket price per date or time slot. e.g. parks often charge more on weekends vs weekdays.