1. We'll start with the create Zap page

2. For the Trigger app, choose SimpleTix (type it into the box to quickly find it)

3. Then choose the trigger action and click Save + Continue

4. If this is the first time you have used SimpleTix with Zapeir, click Connect a New Account

4. a.) Now in a new tab, log into your site. Go to Setting & Options > Settings > Plugins

On this page choose SimpleTix plugins

Click Zapier

Copy the API key.

4. b.) Paste this into the Zapier page, then click Yes, Continue.

5) Now click Test Account to ensure it's working.

6) Wait for it to say "Account is working", then click Save + Continue.

7) On the next page, choose your "Action App", in this case enter in MailChimp into the search box.
(In this picture we have already pre-authorized MailChimp, this is why it appears below)

8) Now connect a MailChimp account, or select an existing account you may have already connected.
I recommend to click Test Account to verify you have connected it correctly.

9) For choose the MailChimp Action. In our case we want to add the ticket buyer as a new Subscriber.

10) Now choose the list to add the new subscriber to:

11) Now click the icon field here, to set the correct field from SimpleTix to set the MailChimp Subscriber email address

I recommend to leave Double Opt-In and Send Welcome Email, and Update Existing as No

12) Now let's set the First Name and Last Name. So again click the icon here, to expose the SimpleTix fields.
Now click First Name

Do the same for Last Name

13) Now you will need to add this to your SimpleTix site. Back in the other tab (where you have have the Zapier plugin settings open)

Copy the "hook" url from that text box.

14) Paste is into the URL box on this window. Also give it a simple title. Then click Add. Then click Save changes.

15) Now on the SimpleTix site go to the Box Office menu, select new Ticket Sale, and create a new order, cash checkout is fine. (We can delete this order after we are done)

16)  Go back to the Zapier tab. After 1 minute the "Looking for the order" will change to say "Test Successful!"

17) Click continue.

18) On the next page you can test MailChimp

19) click Create & Continue

20) Once you see that this was successful, click Finish

21) Give your Zap a name and Turn Zap On

22) Now click See it on your Dashboard.

From the Dashboard confirm your new SimpleTix + MailChimp is on.