SimpleTix is used for event registrations, where people are RSVP'ing for an event or buying tickets.

There might be a special case where you simply want an event page without a ticket price or a buy tickets button.

If you use this CSS rule, you can hide the buy tickets button on both desktop and mobile versions of your event page.

section.section-event-{PUT EVENT ID HERE} div#mainPriceDiv,

section.section-event-{PUT EVENT ID HERE} footer#mobilePriceDiv


    display: none !important;


For example, if your Event ID is: 52242, the CSS rule would be:

section.section-event-52242 div#mainPriceDiv,

section.section-event-52242 footer#mobilePriceDiv


    display: none !important;


When you view your event page, you can find the event id by looking at the URL.

To save the CSS code:

  1. Log here: 
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click CSS/Design Edits
  4. Copy and paste the above code into the text area
  5. Then made the event id number change
  6. Click save

When testing your event page to see if it worked, you may not see the change right away.

This is because your desktop browser or mobile browser cached "Saved" the old CSS rules.

So clear the cache on your device and refresh the page.