To use SimpleTix with USA ePay you will need a source key.

  1. To generate a new one go to:
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Source Keys
  4. Click Add Source

Name: Enter SimpleTix

Pin: Enter a 6 digit number and save it in your notes

Key - click to generate a new key, also save it in your notes

Important: Leave Disabled and Test Mode - UNCHECKED

Ensure: Sale, Credit, Void, Auth Only, Post Auth, and Capture are checked

Now Click Save.

On the SimpleTix side, go to: Settings & Options > Payment Providers > Pick USA ePay

Now enter in your Source Key and Pin number. Check the Active checkbox. Click to Save and make it active.

It's now active on your site. I recommend to make a test order to ensure it's fully working.