SimpleTix will require a SafeSave Username and Password. Note is not your normal DPO user/password.

How to find this username/password pair:

  1. Somebody in your organization will have received the SafeSave username and password from DonorPerfect when the account was set up.  You will need to determine who that is and contact that person.

  2. You can create a new SafeSave account:  In the DPO user interface, You can go to App Links > Processing Gateway  (at least one person in their organization will have permission to access this) > Settings > User Accounts and then add a new user account.
    They will be able to see their existing SafeSave Username(s) in that screen but for obvious reasons, not their existing passwords.  
    This is why you would need to create a new account if they do not know their existing password.  
    New SafeSave account permissions should be set up the same as your existing account.

  3. Contact your regular DonorPerfect support channel for assistance with this.