The first step in changing the venue is to create the new venue.

Go to Manage > Venues > Click Add Venue. Fill out the new venue's details.

On other event types like: General Admission and Flex Pass events the next part is easy. You can simply change the venue from the update Event page. Also at the update Event Time Details page. However for reserved seat mode events it's much more complicated as people bought tickets for specific seats.

If the seating chart is the same for the other venue, I recommend to simply change the venue's name and address.

However if the seating chart is different you will need to follow these steps.

Step 1: For the new venue. Create all of the sections, rows, and seats.

Step 2: Create a new event and show time at the new venue
Mention the new venue name in the event title, this will make it easier to track. This will create the new tickets.

Step 3: See how many seats have been sold.

Go to: Reports > Sales Per Event. Now click the Event, then Event Time

Step 4:  Click the View Inventory Link to see all the orders

Step 5:  Add the new tickets to their orders.

Method 1: If you have sold under 20 tickets

I recommend to manually add the new tickets to the orders.

  1. Do this by going to the view order page, 
  2. modify order, 
  3. click the tab: Shopping Cart,
  4. then click add the new tickets to order. 
  5. After this delete the old tickets. 
  6. Then click view order 
  7. click the link to send the e-tickets to the customer.

Method 2: If you have sold over 20 tickets

  1. Export either the inventory of tickets report or the event time participant list. Either one is fine.
  2. Now carefully determine the new seats for all the attendees. Use the exact Section, Row, Seat for the new venue.
  3. Now you have the list of tickets sold, open this in Excel
  4. In another tab, go to Box Office > Import an Attendee List
  5. Click the new event and date/time
  6. Click next
  7. On the next page, click: [click here to download template] to get the Excel template for the import
  8. Open this template in Excel
  9. Now carefully update this template with all of the Attendees
  10. Ensure all the attendees are listed with the correct details and seats
  11. Save this as the original CSV format
  12. Now import this CSV on the wizard page and click continue
  13. Within 10 minutes everyone will get their new eTickets
  14. At this point you can mark all of the prior orders as cancelled.