It is possible to see tickets and manage orders that have been purchased in the Box Office.

  1. Go to: or if you are logged into the Admin Panel, click Box Office at the top of the screen.

  2. From drop-down menu, go to Order Lookup.

  3. From this list, you may search and/or filter.

  4. Order Status refers to the status of the ticket or product purchase:

  • Received Payment, Pending Group Completion
  • Received Payment, Processing Order - The money has been sent / accepted by your chosen gateway, the tickets have been sent but not validated yet.
  • Processed Order - for tickets sales where the ticket has been validated
  • Order Shipped - for products that have been shipped
  • Order Cancelled & Refunded prior to shipping - for products
  • Order Refunded - tickets refunded 
  • Not Processed - pay by invoice or pay at the door / no payment received

When you click on an Order Number, you are taken to the Order Summary page.

At the top, you will see options to add notes, look at the transaction information and Order Details.

On the bottom, you will see options to Modify, Cancel or Refund the Order, and View or Send E-Tickets. 



Click here to learn how to set your default e-ticket format