You have an order where the customer would like you to change the names on the e-Tickets.

This article will show you how to:
   1. View the participants related to an order
   2. Modify the participants' details
   3. Regenerate their e-Tickets
   4. Send them the new e-Tickets

   1. Click Box Office from the Admin Panel
   2. Click Order Lookup
   3.Select their Order Number when you found the proper customer
   4. Take a look at the order details to make sure it's the right one
   5. Now click the "Modify Order" link

   6. Locate the "Participant List" tab and click it
   7. Here's a nice grid of all the participant details
   8. Go ahead make any changes
   9. ClickSave when you are done
  10. If you would like to send the updated e-Ticket to the customer, in the bread crumb links, click View link (this will take you back to the order details page)
  11. now click: View/Send eTickets
  12. click: Regenerate Tickets
  13. enter in the customer's email address, and click the button: Send e-Tickets
  14. If the customer has issues receiving the email you may want to ask if they have an alternate email account and enter that into the CC text box