In order to provide controlled access to different aspects of your SimpleTix site, we have created different User Roles which determine what can be manipulated on the SimpleTix site.

To view, create and manage users, go to Store Information > Users > View

The user roles are as follows:


This is normally the person that originally signed up for the SimpleTix site. They have full control over everything. Only this user can add the payment method to cover your the SimpleTix service fees.


The Administrator role is usually paired with Manager role. An Administrator can access all Store Information settings including setting up venues, payment gateways and shipping options.  The administrator ability to create users.


Managers can sell tickets through the box office area for all events. They are also able to set up and manage all events and products, edit content pages on the CMS, create promo codes, write news/blog articles, and email newsletters.

Sales & Check In - Box Office Staff

The Back Office Staff can access the Box Office Area only and has the following abilities: (1) sell tickets to assigned venues, (2) manage existing orders, (3) regenerate e-tickets, (4) refund orders (if refunding available), (4) export participant lists, and (5) email attendees.

Check In Only- Box Office Staff

A guest user that can only check-in participants. (All venues and events). They cannot view sales reports.


Event Promoters sign in the box office area and are able to view and download all eTickets and export participant lists in multiple formats. 


Customers have no access to back end of site. The customers information, like name, payment data and address, is saved as a user profile , and be used to log into the front end for quicker check out.