At SimpleTix we offer several different themes, we can also make a custom theme based on your current site's theme.

We recently made a theme for a client who's original theme's CSS did not outline the borders on the text input fields "textboxes".
This client also had a very special requirement of collecting that answer to one important question of what dinner option they wanted.


Here's how the form originally looked:


The client wanted the dinner option question to really stand out.

So we added a few new CSS rules detailed below. Important: Here's a video on how to upload images and edit the CSS on your site.

Make all the textboxes have a red border

#aspnetForm input
 border: 1px solid red !important;


Make the label for textbox the the dinner question standout. (This is wildcard question #1)

span#ctl00_conMain_ctl00_RadGridShow_ctl00_ctl05_lblCompany {
font-weight: bold;
background-color: yellow;
padding: 2px 5px;


Make the textbox the the dinner question have a required icon image. (This is wildcard question #1)
We uploaded this image to the site using (themes - manage images - upload) 

input#ctl00_conMain_ctl00_RadGridShow_ctl00_ctl05_txtCompany {
background: url( 221px 3px no-repeat;
width: 264px;


To make the importance of the question really stick out, we even added a extra notice using an advanced CSS technique that can import html content into a page.

display: block;
 clear: both; /* if you need to break floating elements */
 line-height: 22PX;
 padding: 2px 77px;
 background: url( left center no-repeat;


Here's the final version: