Changing your SimpleTix site's theme from one to another existing theme is easy, however, we suggest determining what theme is best for your site's needs and aesthetics before going live with selling tickets or during a slow time so that you have time to update the theme's imagery and keep the site looking personalized too.  
    1.  Log into Admin, go to Store Information > Theme & Images > Change Current
    2.  From this page you can select a theme from the drop down list and see a preview. 
    3.  Once you have chosen the new theme you'd like to change your site to, click the 'Change my theme' link that appears at the bottom of the page.

Now that you've changed your theme, you will need to re-personalize the front end graphics with new graphics that are the appropriate sizes.  For information about Personalizing the front end graphics, please see article Updating your theme's imagery.