With SimpleTix, you can have people sign up for your event with General Admission mode.  Partnered with AllSeated.com, you can now easily integrate your attendees into AllSeated.com and choose where they will sit at your event!

This is another option you can do for ticketing, if you do not want your attendees to select their own seats.  This makes the buying process faster and simpler for the attendee, so you will be able to maximize your sales.

To get started, create your event on SimpleTix:

  1. Select General Admission Mode in the event wizard

  2. After entering the event title, teaser, and description, you will be prompted to create the venue.


  3. Create your price groups for the event:

  4. After you are done setting up your event, you are now set to start selling tickets to your event.
  5. On the front end of the site, your attendees will see this page where they will select their price group:
  6. Now that you are done on the SimpleTix side, go to AllSeated and create an account.

  7. After you create your account, you will be directed to their dashboard

  8. To upload the attendee list for the event, simply click the SimpleTix logo near Import.

  9. After a successful upload of your attendee list, a screen will appear with all the information for your event, including: name and price group

  10. After you have created your tables with AllSeated, you are now ready to assign the attendees to their seats.as2.png

    Click here to learn how to add guests to tables in AllSeated

  11. When you are done adding your attendees to their seats, a final seating chart will look like this:



You can now display this image on a large monitor at your event, so your attendees will be able to see exactly where and who they are sitting next to!