It is important to upload images with your event and show listings and for your venues so that your site is visually pleasing and isn't too full of text-only material.  

The ideal image size to upload for event listings is:
900px wide
format .jpg.

The length will adjust itself accordingly, but images that are very long compared to their width should be avoided. 
The system also accepts .gif and .png files, but .jpg are the most compatible.

Whenever an image is uploaded, it is re-sized to the following width sizes (in px)
50, 58, 90, 164, 185, 240, 380, 400, 600, and 800. 
If the original image's width is less than a scaled down size, the size will be skipped, therefore it is important to use an image that will be minimally 800px wide.

You can add more default image sizes and even set the image size for your event, product and venue detail pages in Store Information > Store Settings > Layout.

If you need software to re-size, crop and edit your images; there is a good free image and photo editing program located at

Want to Know More about Images on your Pages?

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  • Did you know that for Images in Content Pages (located in the CMS), it is possible to resize images within SimpleTix?  It is important to appropriately size images for your content pages to avoid pixalation and so that your pages load efficiently (not slowed down by large pictures)