With SimpleTix, making badges or passes for your event is easier than ever!  Follow the steps below to get official credentials for your event!

 To Get the Attendee List

  • Click on Box Office > Attendee List
  • Choose the event you wish to get the list for
  • Select the option if you wish to or just click on Export. You will receive an excel file with attendee list

    Once you open up your excel spreadsheet, make sure you save it as a file name you will remember for the event.   The spreadsheet will include a number of columns, but the mandatory ones to make a proper badge are First Name, Last Name, Name of event, event time, and barcode number.

    Now that you have the data needed for your badges, go to a site like Conference Badge or similar to customize and print your tickets!

    You can also add custom color for your Mobile Tickets.

    • Click on Manage > Events
    • Select the event you wish to setup custom colors for
    • Click on Times & Ticket Prices and them select the type you want custom mobile color for
    • Set a custom color on each mobile eTicket > Mobile eTicket Color