The default ticket for SimpleTix sites looks like this:

There is space to insert your own company logo and add a default banner image below. Learn How to Change the Logo and Banner Image.

This ticket layout covers a complete full page per ticket. This is convenient for users who have normal full page printers. Depending on how many tickets customers typically purchase per event and if you sell more tickets from the box office than online, you may want to change this e-ticket format to be more effective for your ticketing needs.

To do this, go to Settings & Options > Settings > e-Tickets

Click on the Layout drop down list to see the formats available for your e-tickets, notice that some have larger images, have banners or images based on events (vs. site overall) are color coded according to event, and are different sizes to accommodate other printing formats. Any format that is a 2x6 format, can be used for Boca Printers.

Select the e-ticket that is best for your site and then proceed to upload appropriate graphics as necessary.