Email address settings determine from what address notifications and emails sent to clients appear to be sent from.  You can also set email addresses to which copies of all invoices and e-tickets should be sent.

To set Email Settings, go to Store Information > Store Settings > Email

Email Addresses:

  1. Error Alert Email - this is the email address to which alerts are sent if an error occurs.  For example, if an issue occurs when a client purchases tickets, the system will notify you so that you can call or email the client to resolve the issue.  
  2. Contact Form Email - the email address for clients to contact you on
  3. Generic Customer Email - generic information email (could be same as Contact Form Email)
  4. Receipt Bcc Email - this address is good to set up as a back up of all receipts sent from your SimpleTix site to customers.  A separate, special address only used for the receipts copies is most effective, as it could crowd a frequently used address.
  5. Receipt Email address - This is the email address from which receipts will appear.  It could be a do-not-reply/noreply address.
  6. Newsletter Email address- this is the email address from which newsletters appear.  Again, it could be a do-not-reply address.

Text Your Visitors See On Your Email:

These fields determine what some automatically generated aspects of emails, such as the order invoice, look like.  Fill in the blanks exactly as you would like for them to appear on emails sent to clients.  You will still need to edit the email templates found in Store Information > Store Settings > Email Templates as well. 

  1. Company Name- write name as you'd have it appear on your emails to clients
  2. Friendly Domain - write website address as you'd have it appear in the invoice header
  3. Store Name- if your store name differs from your company name, you can write it here; otherwise, this could be the same as your company name.
  4. Store Phone - customer service phone number
  5. Receipt Subject - subject line of email sent to client when an order has been made.