There are several situations where your SimpleTix site will send out emails to end-users, informing them of orders made, sending e-tickets, etc.  In the Email Templates section, you will define what those emails say.

In this example we will reference the forgot password email.

  • To edit an email template, log into your site as an Admin.
  • Go to Settings & Options > Settings > Email
  • You could edit a lot of settings over here but we are looking for “Email Templates” highlighted in yellow in the image below.
  • Using the drop down menu you could select which template you wish to edit. We will take “eTickets (Individual)” as an example.
  • You should have the template open where you can make desired changes.
  • When editing the text, keep in mind this is HTML, so line breaks will need a <br> tag.
  • Avoid deleting the special template tags, they look like <% something %>.
  • Making a backup for this folder before performing edits is a smart move