Let's say your venue will hold a max of 100 people. Normally you would simply set your event time's "Event Capacity" to 100 and then create your price groups.

However let's say you want to set a hard limit for 40 tickets for one price tier and let 2 other price tiers share the remaining inventory.

In this example:

  • The total venue will hold: 100 people
  • We want to sell exactly: 40 "Festival Passes".
  • The "Day Ticket" and "Concert Tickets" basically share the remaining availability pool of 60 tickets.

To achieve this you will need to create 2 event times in order to split the inventory correctly. 

First, we will create 1 event time for the Festival Pass: 


After we initially save it, we can then set a specific title:


Now we will create another event time for just the: Day Ticket and Concert Tickets to  share the remaining availability pool of 60 tickets.

We set the Event Capacity to 60, and we can leave the 2 price tiers at Unlimited - as the will adhere to the 60 set at the time level.


Here's how the list of event times appear on your site: