With SimpleTix, you can create Flex Passes for an event.  Flex passes are tickets that customers can redeem at any time, as they are not linked to a specific event time!  Below are examples as to how some customers are already using flex passes:

  • Ice-skating Rink
  • Parking Pass
  • Drive through event
  • Drink coupons
  • Coat check vouchers

Here is a video tutorial on how to create a flex pass event:     http://vimeo.com/97948189 


  1. If you haven't already, create an account at SimpleTix.com.  If you have already, go to Manage> Events> Add Event.
  2. Select Flex Pass, and click create event.
  3. Enter in flex pass title, short teaser test, and full event description.
  4. Select either an existing venue, or create a new one to host your event.
  5. Create your flex pass price points.
    You can create multiple groups here, such as:
             1) Adult
             2) Children
  6. Upload an event image
  7. Click save event


Now your Flex Pass event is now complete.