Let's say you have an price tier that give 8 Complimentory Tickets, like this:


The next still will be to create the VIP Guest Pass. Be sure to say it's only visible on Box Office - this way customers cannot see it add it to their carts.

You will need to copy the SimpleTix SKU #.

Now let's use the: WebHook URL Template to build your special webhook URL.

https://webhooks.simpletix.com/Library/AddFreeTixToOrder/Default.aspx?API={PUT YOUR API KEY HERE}&TriggerEventType=Ga&TriggerCategory=Section&TriggerIds=62330&HowManyFreeTix=1&ComplimentoryEventType=Ga&ComplimentorySectionIds=86518

Parts of this URL:​

  1. API Key - Find this under Box Office Your Preferences, see: SimpleTix API Key

    When the order is complete, we will scan all of the items in the cart. The "trigger" is the specific event that causes the buyer to get the free tickets.
  2. Trigger Event Type - If it's a General Admission, use "Ga", Flex Pass, use "Fp", or Reserved Seat, use "RsIn our example it's Ga
  3. Category - you have two options, if you want a specific section to give a specific amount of free tickets, put Section. If you want any ticket ordered for this event/show to trigger free tickets, event Show In our example it's Section
  4. TriggerIds - if you entered in section for Category, then put the section's "SimpleTix SKU #" here. Otherwise enter the show's "SimpleTix SKU #" here. In our example it's 100477.

    Let's specify the free tickets.
  5. HowManyFreeTix - how many free tickets?In our example it's 8 free tickets.
  6. ComplimentoryEventType - What type of event are the free tickets? It can be either General Admission or Flex Pass In our example it's Ga
  7. ComplimentorySectionIds - What is the SimpleTix SKU number for the free tickets?   In our example it's 100493.

Now let's setup the WebHook URL:

  1. Go to: Settings & Options Settings > Plugins

  2. click SimpleTix plugins
  3. click WebHook
  4. paste in the final crafted url:
    ​https://webhooks.simpletix.com/Library/AddFreeTixToOrder/Default.aspx?API={PUT YOUR API KEY HERE}&TriggerEventType=Ga&TriggerCategory=Section&TriggerIds=100477&HowManyFreeTix=8&ComplimentoryEventType=Ga&ComplimentorySectionIds=100493
  5. You will now see the check icon that indicates it's active.