Before you begin

Email the SimpleTix support team. We will need to give you access to a special version of SimpleTix to use DPO.
You will not be using, instead the URL will be something like:

Step 1: Enable the Plugin

  1. Go to: Settings & Options > Settings Plugins
  2. On this page choose the tab: CRM
  3. Click DonorPerfect, enter in your DonorPerfect API Key, and click Save


Step 2: Setup Each Event

  1. Go to Manage Events
  2. Click the event title to access the update event page
  3. Click the tab "DonorPerfect"
  4. Here you can make all of settings 
    If you want to leave any of them blank, go ahead any leave the default "N/A" value.

Step 3: Setup Donations

If you plan to accept donations and would like to have them reported to DonorPerfect you can enable this on the donation management page.

  1. Go to Manage > Donations
  2. Click the Checkbox to enable 
  3. Enter in the fields you would like to pass through to DonorPerfect