Create various landing pages on
You can use A/B testing to test what works best.

Create a payment page.  

 However this will not take care of sending eTickets. 
SimpleTix will take care of that.  Here we will cover how to do that.

You will get an email with a spreadsheet of orders attached. These are the key columns: Name, Email, and Product


You will need to create a new spreadsheet with these columns:

  1. Order_Number - you can leave this blank
  2. First_Name  - put the first name here
  3. Last_Name  - put the first name here
  4. Primary_Email  - put the email address here
  5. Secondary_Email - you can leave this blank
  6. Section - put the price tier of their ticket here.
  7. Participation_Type- you can leave this blank

Here is an example of how the spreadsheet will look

Send all the eTickets

  1. From the manager's panel, go to Box Office > Import an Attendee List
  2. On the 1st page of the Wizard: Select the Event and Event Time

  3. On the next page, import the new spreadsheet.
  4. On the final screen confirm to generate and send all eTickets
  5. Done! Everyone will get their eTickets within 5 minutes.