There might be a need where you need to add tickets scanned using Simpletix Ticket Scanning app directly to Google Sheets. This would be useful to collect live data at the time of event.

  • Lets create a Zap first and select WebHook as option (Make a Zap!)

  • Select Webhook as Trigger

  • Select "Catch Hook"

  • Skip this option by clicking on "Continue" These are used as advanced option when collecting data

  • Now Copy this Webhook URL and past in advanced options of SimpleTix app(Show below). Pro Tip: You can send this URL as email to yourself so you can copy and paste on your mobile device.

  • Here is an example of Ticket Validation URL above. Click on "Show Advanced Options" in case you don't see all options.

  • Now Create a Google Sheet (Your Desired Account). You also need to setup First Row with what all data you need to collect. This will be used later

  • Scan an existing (Create a free order) and once scanned by using Simpletix mobile app, Test Webhook by Zapier should automatically Give Test Successfully.

  • We are going to create a new Row for each ticket scanned by SimpleTix Mobile App. Select "Create Spreadsheet Row"

  • Connect your Google Sheet (Same account in which Google Sheet was created earlier).

  • Test the sheet to confirm if it is working.

  • You need to Select "Spreadsheet - Which is the name of sheet we created"
  • Worksheet which is Sheet that you want the row to be added on
  • All additional details that you would like to record. 

(Notice the fields we added on First Row are the one we need to select option here eg: Participant Name, Event Name, Ticket)

  • Click on "Continue" and Zapier will send test details to sheet. 

  • If Test is successful then remember to Switch this Zap on by click on "Toggel" button.

  • As a test, every ticket scanned gets their details added to Google Sheet. This happens real times so you don't have to refresh the page. Data appears automatically.