In this video series we will show you the steps to build a booth chart like this:

  1. Part 1 - Setting up the background image. (See Video)
  2. Part 2- Setting up the booth chart: Uploading the background image, adding booths, adjust the numbers, adjust the size for larger booths. (See Video)
  3. Part 3- Finalizing the chart, creating the event, freezing booths, un-freezing booths, setting up a survey question (specific to just this event). (See Video)
  4. Part 4 - Want to sell add-ons like Parking Passes and Electricity (See Video)

After your event chart is complete, other things you may need to do:

  1. Replacing the background image. (See Video)
  2. Set a specific sales start or end time, Adjust the prices (See Video)