Here are the steps to setup Paypal Express Checkout.

7 Steps to copy your PayPal API Keys.

Step 1 - Log into your PayPal account

Step 2 - Select Profile & Settings

Step 3: Select My Selling Tools

Step 4: Select API Access Settings

Step 5: Under: NVP/SOAP API integration, Select: View API Signature

On this next page, click the 3 Show links:

You may need to click a link to show the 3 keys.

You will need to copy these 3 keys and paste them into SimpleTix.

Step 6: In a new tab, log into your SimpleTix site

Go to Settings & Options > Payment Providers

Step 7: Select PayPal Express (not PayPal Pro)

Copy these 3 settings into your SimpleTix setting. Save.


Your SimpleTix site is now setup to use your PayPal Express Checkout account.

Notes - if you make a test order:

- be sure to use a different account than your sellers account. 

- there is no minimum order, you can order a 20 cent ticket (Stripe has a 50 cent min)

- once the order is complete, do the refund from the SimpleTix Box Office - View Order Page- Refund Order - this way you will not have to pay any SimpleTix fee for your test.