The Search for Best Seats modes are used best for venues with shows likely to sell out and also larger venues (venues with more than 200 seats which are too large for the seating chart mapper)

In order for the Search for Best Seats modes to work properly, the gap between sort order must be synced for those seats which may be sold together.  However, to keep tickets from grouping across aisle seats, it is wise to put a gap between aisle seats, starting the next part of the row with a gap of say 10 or 100.

For example:


Because there is a gap between seats 6 and 7 in row A, it is not wise to sell seats 6and 7 in a group.

Therefore, when setting up this venue for Best Available seating, we suggest:

Row       Seat         Sort Order  
A 1 1
A 2 2
A 3 3
A 4 4
A 5 5
A 6 6
A 7 10
A 8 11
A 9 12
A 10 13
A 11 14
A 12 15
B 1 20
B 2 21
B 3 22


The gap in sort order between the aisle seats ensures that tickets 6 and 7 will not be sold together in one seating package (so if a user was looking for 2 available seats in row A, he wouldn't get 6 & 7, but could get 5 & 6 or 7 & 8)

We started B at the next count of 10 also, to make sure that Row B is at a sort order higher than Row A and so that there is a clean gap between the sort order of the seats in Row A and the seats in Row B. 

Please note that by making these gaps, it will be difficult to go in and fill in a missing seat if one is forgotten, therefore, especially when setting up a venue with best seats available reservation options, review each row as it is created to make sure it is done correctly the first time. 

How this works on the Front End:

When a customer is searching for best seats, the search considers the following:

  1. are the tickets in the same row?
  2. are there enough tickets in a row to meet the requirements of the search?
  3. is the sort order in synced order for the tickets?

In this inquiry, if there is not a gap in the sort order between seats 6 & 7 for Row A, you can see how the seats could be grouped together, but with a gap, it would not be possible for those seats to be grouped together.