With the interactive seating charts in SimpleTix you can make a few enhancements to your seating charts to highlight and make special rules for handicapped seats.

Example 1: Clients must buy both the handicapped seat plus the seat next to it.

In this example we edited the seating chart image to include an illustrating telling the customers they must by both seats. Customers can clearly see this notice.




Example 2: If you want the customers to order the handicapped seat strictly over the phone.


Step 1: We want to first freeze the seats from the public site.

So we first freeze the specific seats. Do do this, go to Shows > Update Times > Select the time > Click the tab "Freeze Seats" > choose the link on the bottom to freeze a specific seat.

Now select the correct section, then select each seat you would like to freeze.



Step 2: Freeze the seat any date in the future beyond the show time.



Step 3: Update your seating chart image to illustrate they must call you, and also you can point out the seats on the graphic.