After choosing the appropriate interactive seating chart mode for your venue, follow this guide to create your interactive seating chart. This guide is divided into 2 parts. In the first one you will learn how to add sections and seats based on the venue image. This is a prerequisite to creating the actual interactive seating chart, which you will learn in the second part.

Part 1. Adding Sections and Seats Based on the Venue Image

  1. First, identify how many sections there are in the venue based on the venue image. In our example we have 2 sections: Category 1 and VIP and we are using the Multi-click Interactive Seating Chart mode



      2.  Next, create a spreadsheet that shows columns: Row, Seat and Sort Order for each section.The spreadsheets must be saved in .CSV format.



      3.  When the spreadsheets are ready, in your Admin panel go to Manage Venue


      4.  Upload image for seating chart and Venue as shown in below image



     5.  Click on View/Manage link in the Seating/Sections column for the venue you want to edit.



    6.  Click Add and provide the required information: Title (name of the section)and default ticket price, and click Save. Repeat this step for each section.



    7. After you've added the sections, you can then add the Section Image by clicking on View/Manage for each section and uploading the corresponding image.





   8.  Adding the rows and seats for each section manually can take a lot of time. 



    9.  This is when the spreadsheets in Step 2 come in handy. Go to Venues > View/Manage (Row/Seats)

         and click on "Import seats with a Spreadsheet



    10.  Now upload the spreadsheet for that section. Repeat this step for each section.



 Part 2. Tagging and Assigning Seats Using the Mapping Tool.

  1.  From Your Admin panel go to Store Information > Venues and click on View/Manage under Interactive Seating Chart for the venue you want to edit.



      2.  Setting up the Hot Spot color for the seating chart



      3.  Click on Launch Mapping Tool based on the number of seats your venue has. The mapping tool requires Silverlight, so you will have to install this if  you currently don't have it installed.



      4.  In the Silverlight panel at the top, click on the shape you need to tag the seats,




      5.  Now click and drag your mouse over a seat to fill the seat.




     6.  Click on the Arrow on the Silverlight panel and clone the shape by clicking on Ctrl + C on your keyboard (Cmd-C for Mac) and then drag the shape over a seat.



     7.   To assign seats, click on the Arrow on the Silverlight panel, then double-click on the shape on the seat and select the appropriate seat from the list in the Edit seats popup.



     8.  Repeat Steps 4-7 until all seats have been assigned. Now after tagging all seats Click on 'Save' Button on silverlight panel.



     9.  Test the seating chart using a test event with this venue



Congratulations! You have Successfully created your interactive seating chart!